Industries. Hemp. Purpose.

Hemp Serves A Purpose In Over 65 Industries

It has been estimated that the global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products in nine submarkets: agriculture; textiles; recycling; automotive; furniture; food/nutrition/beverages; paper; construction materials; and personal care.

Healthy Foods & Nutrient Rich Body Care

Hempseed and oil cake are used in a range of foods and beverages, and can be an alternative food protein source. Oil, from the crushed hemp seed, is used as an ingredient in a range of body care products and nutritional supplements.

Incorporating hemp into ones daily diet has been shown to benefit people in the areas of energy, appetite, weight and digestion.
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Body Care
Hemp oil’s high and balanced essential fatty acid content makes it an ideal ingredient in body care products.
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Health Supplements
Whether you are looking for a meal replacement or individual supplement, hemp has you covered.
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Industrial Uses For A Greener World

Natural hemp fibers are used in a wide range of products, including fabrics and textiles, yarns and spun fibers, paper, carpeting, home furnishings, construction and insulation materials, auto parts, and composites. Hurds are used in various applications such as animal bedding, material inputs, papermaking, and composites. Oil from the crushed hemp seed is used for industrial oils, paints, sealants and biofuel.

Hemp fiber offers greater durability than cotton and is more absorbent and insulative.
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Hemp Biocomposites
The most rapidly expanding application for hemp fiber is as reinforcement in composites.
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Building Materials
Hemp can be made into any building material.
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Meet #TeamReal
We have assembled an international team focused on developing the US hemp market.

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The History of Hemp
Hemp was widely grown in the United States from the colonial period into the mid-1800’s.

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Hemp Biology
Industrial hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa and is of the same plant species as marijuana.

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